Thursday, February 21

Are You Brand Loyal??

Do you have to have name brand items in everything that you buy?? Are you a Huggies only purchaser? Hellman's mayo only buyer? Are name brands the only good ones out there?? You can sometimes save a bundle using store-brands...Would you dare??

Well, I am split on this question myself.....I have a few items that I will only buy one brand, and one brand only!!

For example, Ketchup.....It just has to be Heinz.....or for some reason my burger just isn't the same?? I know, I know what you are the restaurants I may visit to get that nice juicy burger I once in a while crave......they probably use some knock-off brand that no one has ever heard off...yet it tastes great to me?? Maybe it is in my head?? Even my son has said to me a few times when we were at someone else's house..."Mom, this ketchup tastes funny?" Maybe it's a family thing??

Diapers....This can be very costly, and I am not brand loyal at all.....I will happily use Luvs, Huggies, Pampers, Target Brand Supreme, CVS Supreme, and even Shop Rite's brand. All with No complaints at all!! If there is a good deal on any brand diaper, and I have a coupon I will happily give them a try!!

Flushable Toddler Wipes- Huggies has their Clean Team wipes...which are $1.64 at Walmart (refill packs) and when they have coupons out for $1.00 off a pack...these are the ones to buy!! If not Walmart has Parent's Choice Toddler flushable wipes 42 count for just .97 cents!! I heck of a lot cheaper than Pampers brand that go for like $3.29 or so!!

Laundry Detergent- Although, I am the 1st person to agree that Tide smells great and does a great job getting stains out but.....If you are an avid Pre-wash user (Spray and wash is great!) like me....any kind of liquid laundry detergent will do the job just fine for me!! For as much wash as I do...I would go broke to be so brand

Bread- Wow!! Has a loaf of bread really gone up in price or what!! I think the regular price now is at about $2.99 or so!! I remember back when a loaf was just .89 cents!! I am not really brand loyal..but there are only a few brands I will buy. Hubby and I are a little picky in this department! If you are a Sam's member or another club's member you can usually get a better deal than at the Supermarket...but you do have to buy 2 loaves though....not a problem here!! lol

Always remember...that if you are hooked on a certain brand and if you can stockpile a bit when it goes on sale...DO IT!! That is the best way to save on things you know you like and will be sure to use!!!

Are you brand loyal?? Certain things you like to buy?? Why so?? I would love to hear??

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