Friday, February 1

Gap Clearance!!

Well, from all my holiday shopping I had a coupon for the Gap, so I decided to head there this morning...Yes, Yes, in the pouring rain...and as I look outside right now...there is no rain falling at all....Go Figure!! Anyway I was heading there for an outfit for my daughter to wear on her 1st such luck...I guess size 18-24 months is a bit too popular in the girls deptartment these days. Or maybe the fact that I do not like Cherries to be all over her pants, shirts, socks, and belt is my problem too!! I did however, find a few good buys for my son using my coupon....I got him a Gap fleece hoody, a pair of Khaki Pants, and a nice striped dress shirt all for under $20!! I thought I did well.....not as good as Old navy and Kohl's a few weks back, but remember we are talking about "The Gap" here

Now is the best time to stuck uo for next winter at bargain prices!! So if you are passing by one this weekend, head in to check it out.

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