Thursday, February 14

Birthday Freebies!!!

What could be better than a FREE meal on your kids birthday??? My son loves to go out on his birthday....and Absolutely LOVES it when they sing Happy Birthday to him as a big group at the resturant table!! Maybe you have a kiddie that enjoys the same?? If so, here are just a few freebies I found to make a great FUN deal for the birthday kid.....

Perkins- Free Kids Meal

Friendly's- Free ice cream

Bob Evans- Free Kids Meal

Happy Birthday...whenever it may be!!!


Meghan said...

Thanks for the links!!!

I signed my little man up for Perkins & Bob Evans, we are already a member of Friendly's.

You always find the best stuff.

P.S. I linked your blog under my favs on my blogs, so hopefully you will get even more traffic!

Miss Mommy said...

Thanks so much Meghan!!

Your Awesome :-)