Wednesday, February 20

My Baby is ONE Today..Yeah!!!

I just cannot believe it...time flies when you are having fun...the saying is so true!! We had a great day!! We picked up our Free cake from Shop Rite and sang to her....she just had the puzzled look on her we were all crazy or something??!! My son was so excited it was his sister's big day...he just LOVES birthdays!! We are having her party next weekend....that is when will will give her a cake to see what she will do with it....knowing her...throw the whole cake on the floor like she does with her sippy cup from the high chair! I swear she likes the dropping sound it makes....

OH yeah if you are in the mood for a piece of cake....I wish I could pass it over to you via the computer....we have LOTS left over!! Have you ever had a cake from Shop Rite?? If so you know why I have almost the whole cake left, I am sure!!!! Back to Sam's for us!!!

And of course for her birthday, what else would I buy her but toys.....this week until Saturday, Toys R US has Buy 1 Fisher Price infant toys $19.99 and up and get another toys FREE (up to $19.99)!!!
**In case you are shopping for a great toy for your little one.....the ones pictured (Sing Along Stage and Learning House) my daughter has and absolutely loves them both!!!

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