Wednesday, February 27

Cheap DVD Rentals.....

The last place I would of ever thought to rent movies from is the library....BUT low and behold.....they have TONS of DVD movies (and Lots of VHS too!) you can rent very cheaply!! VHS at our libabry are free to rent! Our local library has DVD rental for just $1.00 for 7 nights. They also have newer releases for rental as well for $1.00 for three nights. This sure beats Blockbuster by far!! Plus at our local library if you cannot make it back by the due date, you can call over the phone to renew for a few more days...then NO late fees then! I know my son loves to go to the library to select a few books to borrow for a few days...and he loves the movies now too!! He gets so excited when we make our trip there!!

You may also want to check out your local library for great kids story times, crafts, movie times, book clubs, and even adult programs too!! Most are FREE or very, very low cost!! And lots of fun too!!

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