Friday, February 8

Macy's Is Great!!

Well, I purchased a wedding shower gift last week at Macy's and this week they sent out a sales flier and it was $10 cheaper...WHAT?? And I thought I got a good deal last week...ha ha! Well they were great about it.....just brought in my reciept and they credited my card. That simple! Macy's has wonderful customer service...and this proves it. While I was there of course I did a little shopping they are having a great clearance sale...PLUS an additional 15% off if you use your Macy's Card...I got my daughter about 10 shirts all for under $4.00 a shirt....most at around $3.00. Nothing for my son except for a pair of snow bib pants fro next winter...only $5.59...regularly $24.99....great deal! Actually, only a great deal if it actually snows here next The sale runs threw the weekend. Check it out if you get time!

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