Tuesday, February 12

Woking Out......I'm Doing It!!

Well, I decided this year that I was going to start back up with working out (exercising)...at least a few times a week...After I had my son over 4 years ago I worked out everyday for over a year...then, well I got lazy I guess??!! Then I got pregnant with my daughter, had her...and now it is time to get back in shape!! I missed the always feeling great, not tired approach to my day....the BEST part of working out for me!!

I know how I am, and with the kiddies and all...I have to do a workout in about 30 minutes or less.....and I cannot get board of it, or I will quit! So I have been doing Leslie Sansone...Walk Away the Pounds......She is great...Oh and the workout is good too!! She has many different workouts to choose from......walking, using free weights, stretch bands, jogging, or a mixture of them all!! Most workout are about 20 minutes...a few a tad longer at about 30 minutes. I switch it up........have three different DVDs.....so as not to get bored of the same workout and also getting to use different muscles everyday!!

I bought the free weight at Walmart for about $5 or so...well worth it!! (A few years back...may of went up a bit in price?) Some of her DVDs even come with the weight balls or stretch band. If you have been contemplating starting to work out.....give Leslie a try!! Trust me if I can do it...so can you!!

P.S.-If you have Comcast On Demand....they have Leslie in several different workouts in the Exercise Walking Section!!!

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