Monday, February 25

A Busy Week......

We are having my daughters Birthday Party this a little crazy around here this week!! I just finished up the party bags, ordered the cake, finished up making up a menu, and planned some kiddie games (Egg Hunt, Musical chairs, and pin the tail game)....
Now I only have to take a trip to the liquor store (I think I will be volunteering Hubby!!), get to Sam's, go to Shop Rite, clean my house, and make the food!! Well, maybe I was better off not listing it all....starting to feel a bit overwhelmed!! lol Oh, well it will all get done, I am sure.
And seeing my son so excited that his sister is having a party makes all the work well worth it!!

Now, he just wants to see her they can play outside together, he says.

**If you are looking for kids party supplies (party hats, kiddies favors, tablecloths with characters, etc.) Target has a bunch of party items at 50% off!! They had a ton of different stuff when I was there!!**

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