Saturday, February 2

Shopping Saturday...By Myself??!!

WOW!! Where has the day Gone?? It flew by so fast...I headed out to Macy's today all by my lonesome.....I think I made that sound bad....not my intesion at all!! I never get to the store by myself..but I did today! Kinda cool....I actually had time to look around and actaully see all they have to offer for sale at Macy's Anyway, I headed there for a wedding shower present and made out great!! I got up, dropped my son off at Kids Club, and headed over at around 10:30 am. No one was great!! I even managed to get a few deals on some nice shirts for my daughter...Clearance, of course!! Then I headed over to Ross....I am so tired of eating with Plastc forks at dinner every night...SO I finally broke down and bought new silverware!! I'm kidding it was a great deal!! An Oneida set...servive for eight for under $35!! Awesome deal!! I am thrilled...I cannot wait to eat tomorrow just to be able to use a real Well, off to bed I head....hope you had a great day!

Talk soon!
Good Night.

Deals tomorrow...come by and check!!

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