Monday, February 4

Can You Believe It??

Don't you just hate it when you are on the look out for something you need and you just cannot find it at the cheapest you end up just buying it because you need it...(Or at least you think you do!!) Well, that just happened to me...I was on the prowl for a new set of silverware....of course, I could not find an amazing deal on I just bought it at an pretty good price (I thought, anyway) then today I see this......Cambridge Silversmiths "Evanston" 45-Piece Set for ONLY $15.00!!! WOW!! I do love our new set...we ate with real forks last night at dinner...NOT plastic...can you believe it.....It seemed to fancy Anyway if you are inneed of a new silverware set thus one seems like a great buy!! Just thought I would pass along!!

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