Tuesday, February 26

Simple Survey.....

I was at the mall last week for Mommy and Me and while I was signing in a lady approached me and asked if she could ask me a few questions...(I was a tad reluctant, but agreed) She asked just a few simple questions about the kiddies, I filled out a paper and she asked if I would be willing if I qualified to come in and take a survey for them. I said sure and continued on to the Mommy and Me program.
Forgetting all about it...a few days later they called me to set up my appointment time....well today was the day I went and took the survey. So simple, about an hour, and I made $50 for it!! It was a research company that preformed the survey, very simple asking about particular products I use for my baby.
The moral of the story........hey, next time you get stopped in the mall by a nice older lady with a clip board...stop a minute to see if you can make a quick couple of bucks....just taking a survey. I usually always say No Thanks, not interested and be on my way, for whatever reason that day, I listened and made out from it!!

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