Monday, February 18

Have Your Kids Play-doh-ed lately??

Well today was so beautiful outside...that the kiddies and I went out for a bit to enjoy the sunshine and warm air!! We played in the sandbox, went around the block and played Play-doh....let me just tell you how this is the best outside toy EVER!! My son could play with Play-doh for hours!! He got 2 new sets for Christmas and opened one up today...he had a blast!! My daughter also got to swing on her new swing she got for Christmas too! She laughs and giggles and just really enjoys swinging!! New toys are great when you get to play with them for the 1st time, aren't they??

If your little ones need some Playdoh...think great Easter basket filler, Amazon has this Play-Doh Super Craft Caddy for 1/2 price...just $10!! Ships FREE if you use Super Saver shipping and spend $25!!

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