Sunday, February 17

A Way to Save On The Peditrician Visit!

If you have a new know that visiting the Peditrician's office is a regular thing...for very good reasons! You also must know how great Lysol products are!! Well, Lysol is now running a promo where if you purchase any 2 Lysol products and visit the Peditrician you can get $5 back. Offer valid unitl March 31. 2008. If you have not tried Lysol wipes yet, they are wonderful!! I use them daily to sanitize the toys, learning tables, counters, and even in the bathroom as well!! They are great for the in-between-cleans!! They also have out a mini purse size Lysol is just perfect to use to sanitize the shopping carts at the store when you forget the Shopping Cart Cover...whoops.....only on occasion!!

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