Friday, February 29

Great Customer Service!!!

Well, we headed out to Sam's tonight to get the rest of the party goods....we first headed to the bakery to pick up the birthday cake we had orderedthe week before. Guess what? There was No cake made??!! WOW!! How do you have a party without a cake?? Well, the bakery manager (I am assuming that is who he was) Came right over and asked if we would substitute an already made cake made this morning instead of our pre-ordered cake? So, he walked us over to all the cakes he had on display and we were able to pick out the one we wanted...for FREE!!! Yes, he said it was on the house for the inconvenience!! Plus he threw in some cupcakes as well!! WOW....I was pretty impressed!

Most times these days you go into a store and there is absolutely NO customer service at all. So then when you actually receive good customer service, you are a bit shocked!! Not exactly the way it should be....but just a reality, unfortunately.

So anyway, kudos to Sam's Club for their outstanding customer is greatly appreciated by me!!

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