Friday, February 22

Pampers Points...Are You Kidding Me????

As you know...I am not a loyal diaper brand buyer.....but over the past year have bought a lot (in my opinion) of Pampers diapers...... thanks to the sales on them at Walmart, CVS and Shop Rite!! Well Pampers has a rewards system in place..called Go to Grow, you simply enter the code found on all diapers and wipes packages on their website and you collect points. It ranges in point value depending on the count in the package..usually from 1-5 points though.

Well, around late November and in December the website was out of the the few items my son actually wanted to get, so...... we held out until the rewards products have all changed and are now in stock!! Well, I also believe the points you need to earn for a prize went up a bit too!! Anyway, my son picked out a DVD for 60 points....I cashed out 60 of my points and then was charged $5.00 for shipping the DVD to my home! WOW!! So much for a reward, right??!!

I received most of my points from the jumbo packs of get 3 points per 60 points/3=20.......That means I had to purchase 20 package of diapers plus pay $5.00 all for a DVD that I could of purchased at Toys R Us, or better yet for under $15!! I am just not seeing how the rewards program they have is so great?? Personally, I think it stinks!!! Just my 2 cents...but man I feel so good that I got that ALL out!! Any experience with the Papers Points Rewards Program??


Meghan said...

I have done 2 Pampers Points rewards prior.
Cheeks can only wear Pampers so I have had a ton of points.
I agree the s&h is a big rip.
They are discontinuing the program come next month & with the s&h being so high I don't even bother keeping my points any longer.
I just toss the pkge & go on my way.

Miss Mommy said...

My sister just told me the other day that they are extending the program until March of 2009 now......So save those points!!! If you liked getting ripped off that is!! lol lol