Friday, February 8

Hubby's Birthday Today....

The BIG 3-0...Yup....I have an oldie, but a goodie, of course!!! lol We had a great day....a nice family day, out to breakfast, opened up some gifts, cake for dessert...and now about to sit down together and watch a movie.....kiddies are fast asleep...(a no nap day today). My son was so excited about his daddy's birthday...he made him a pet caterpillar and a picture for him to take to work ....he even wrapped it up for him. And at 8:20 this morning when he woke up...he bursted threw our bedroom door with so much excitement to give Daddy his present he had made!! It was so cute!! He then gave the presents we had bought for his Daddy at the store...but he said they were from Mommy and He cracks me up!!

Well off to the soon.

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