Thursday, February 7

Free Cake.....Cool!!

Well, I guess I should of put for baby's 1st Birhday in the title, I guess. But man, I had your attention for a good minute didn't I??? My daughter's 1st Birthday is fast approaching and getting the right cake is soo our family, anyway!! lol lol We always order my sons birthday cake from Sams Club...if you have yet to try one....they are so very yummy!! (Wuith the NON-Refriderated Icing!!) Not real sweet, just perfect...and they let you choose from about 40 or so different themes...VERY important to a 4 year old, you know!! Well, I just found out that a few of our local supermarkets give you a free 1/4 sheet cake for a 1st birthday...WOW!! I am impressed!! Our local Acme and ShopRite both offer this!! I hate to not get a SAMS cake, since we always hear at our parties how great the cake is...but I did have an Acme cake a few years back that was pretty good...and you know me....pass up a FREE cake...I doubt it!!!

Just in case your littles ones 1st Birthday is coming up I just wanted to let you know.....I will post after my daughters party just how the cake was!!


Meghan said...

For Ethan's 1st birthday, I score two free cakes from Acme last year.
I had a family party & I had a friend party, due to my house being the size of a thimble.
Anyway I went to Westmont Acme for one, then to Haddonfield Acme for the other.

Westmont charged me $4 for teh pieces on top (I got Elmo) & Haddonfield handed me the cake free of charge. Still 2 1/4 sheets for $4 is pretty darn good!!!!

I'm not sure if ShopRite does it but Acme definitely does & their cake is pretty darn good.

Miss Mommy said...

WOW!! Your good Meghan!! Never even thought of that!

Even if ShopRite has a Free 1st Birthday Cake...I will not be getting it! They are horrible tasting!! I was thinking of getting the free one from Acme and a smaller one from Sams just in case...This way we will have one Chocolate and one Vanilla...and some cake left over for us for the next day...since we are usually so busy at the party to sit down and have a piece of

SkyLaur said...

Why couldn't you have told me this BEFORE Selena's birthday???

I got the free Pathmark ice cream was seriously the size of a large cupcake...yet somehow had a value of $10.99?? Is ice cream as valuable as gold now? Should I be buying stock?

Miss Mommy said...

Sorry, Laur I should of let you know.....I also just picked up the FREE Carvel Ice Cream Lil Love cake today at Pathmark....It is soo tiny...but OHH so Yummy!!!