Wednesday, February 6

Car Seat...I got mine!!!!

Well...I have great news!!! Yes, I actually made up my mind and bought my daughter a new convertible car seat....You would not believe just how excited hubby is to finally not hear me talk about car seat straps, color choices, differentfeatures, prices, etc.!!! Sometimes I wonder if the online reviews are actually a bad thing for a me anyway...I was so afraid to make the wrong choice! Well, I finally just went for should arrive in a few days...and I will be sure to let you know if my decision was a good one.....Since I know you care so much!!! lol
In my car seat online travels, I did come across this Graco Turbo Booster SafeSeat Youth Booster for only $39.99 (Reg. 89.99). Plus it ships for Free using Super Saving Shipping. It has great reviews as case you are a reveiw nut like

Maybe you need one??

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