Wednesday, February 13

Cleaning Out!! Cheaply Too!!

Well, here are two great ways to stay organized this week....Clean out...or Clean up!!! If you chose Clean out...EBay today ONLY has listing fees for $.20!! A great deal! I am sure if you are like have a ton of junk (or at least you think it is lying around that someone else my love to buy!! Just think of it as helping out others while helping out yourself too!! Plus you can make a little cash while doing it!! It is so fun to see just how much your junk can sell for!! Like a rush, really!!

If you choose to clean up instead, my sister was at Target today and they have there toy bin organizers for just $30.....they are regularly $60!! They are the real nice sturdy ones too!! I have one from there and LOVE it!! I am sure they will go FAST so if you are on the hunt...better hurry!! Maybe someone else is trying to organize all the Christmas stuff too?!!

Well Happy Cleaning!! You will feel great when you are all done I am sure!!

Talk Soon!

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