Saturday, February 16

Redbox....A Night For Free!!

Have you seen the big Red Box movie rental case in Shop Rite...or perhaps Acme...maybe Wegmans?? Hubby and I discovered them a while back...they are now everywhere...even some McDonald's have them now! They rent you movies using your debit/credit card for only $1.00 a night plus tax. You can now even rent online and pick-up at the location of your choice. Well to promote the service Red Box is offering one Free night's movie today and it is due back tomorrow night by 9 pm.....and the best part is if you do not make it back by 9...they just charge another dollar for another day!! We have been renting from them for a good while and love it!! They get new releases every Tuesday too! It is fast, convenient, and cheap!! Try's addictive!!

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