Thursday, February 28

My Rant About a Visa Gift Card....

Where do I begin......Well, hubby and I received a Visa Gift Card this past Christmas. Thought it was a great gift!! Until we tried to use The original gift card amount was $100. We went out to dinner used it no problem, used it at Dunkin Donuts, no problem, Car Wash, no problem....

Then the trouble started!! We had about $35 left on the we were at Marshall's and our total was over $ when the associate would swipe the Visa Debit card it would come up declined!! Then we tried it at Target...our total was also over $ it was once again declined. The associate at Target told me that they have lots of trouble with these Visa cards all the time!! She said to call the # on the back of the card and find out my exact I followed her advice. I then went to Walmart purchased a few items used my Visa Gift Card and told the associate the exact amount on the card and it was accepted...just fine. Then went to Dunkin Donuts had $1.92 left on the card and my total was $3.XX and it was again declined. Today I went to Walmart again, and told the exact amount and it is now all used up!!! I guess, some stores can enter an exact amonut...while others are not always guven that option!

Man.....and hubby just got a few more of these as birthday gifts last week....YIKES!!

So my advice to try to use them when you can use the whole amount on the card!! Otherwise it is not such a simple task as just pay and go at the register!! Some associates will try to help you with it....others are just plain old...Your wasting my time lady!! about the whole thing!!

When I received this I thought it was a great can use it anywhere! I did later realize that to activate the card it cost $3.95 on top of the amount you would like the gift card amount to be!! WOW!! Rip-Off!!! Just my 2 cents!! But, I just had to vent!!! Nothing better than just plain old cash in my opinion!!! is a few dollars cheaper to give it too...NO activation fee required!! lol lol

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