Sunday, September 7

My Little Man Is Off.....

Little Man is off to preschool tomorrow and me (The Mom) is a bit sad to see him go!! I know it is all part of growing up....but I can remember the day hubby and I brought him home from the hospital....and just cannot believe almost 5 years has passed already...time really does fly when you are having fun!! This is proof enough for me!! Here are a few words to Little Man as I see him off in the morning......

To My Little Man.......

Tomorrow's the big day...your off on your own for the first day of Preschool. You've grown over the years into such a good little boy...and I know that you will be just fine. Your going to meet lots of new friends, learn lot of new exciting things, and even try to figure out how things work on your own.

Your so excited to venture off tomorrow and ready to see what preschool is all about!! It's so exciting and new to you!! I cannot wait until tomorrow afternoon when I Daddy and I come to pick you and you talk in your excited little voice and tell us all about all the fun you had and the things you did!!!

Remember, I will not always be by your side through all your journeys in life...but I will always be here if you need to ask me a question, need any advice, or just want to snuggle for a minute or two!! Remember, I love you with all my heart...and I am so glad that I got to spend so many wonderful days watching you grow up to be the great little guy that you are!!

Just remember...Mommy and Daddy love you so much!!! (Oh and Little Miss too!!)

Have Fun Tomorrow Baby!!




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