Tuesday, September 23

Hershey Bliss Deal.....

Are those $2.50/2 Hershey's Bliss coupons burning hole in your pocket since getting them in last Sunday's coupon inserts? I know that in the coupon inserts CVS had an ad for 2 Bliss Bars for $6.00. After the $2.50 coupon you would of paid $3.50 for the 2 bars. Hopefully you did not fall for that terrible so called "deal" they were offering!!! LOL I have a much better deal for you...not to worry!!

I was at Walmart yesterday and they have 9.2- 9.7 oz. bags of Hershey's Bliss bagged candy for $2.92 a bag. You must buy 2 to use the coupon.......so buy 2 bags for $5.54 minus the $2.50/2 coupon and pay just $3.34 for the 2 bags!!!!

I must tell you this candy is the best tasting!! After we toured the Chocolate Factory this past August whole at Hershey Park they were giving out a sample to everyone as the tour ended. Let me just tell you we were contemplating doing the tour again just to sample another piece of the delicious chocolate!!! LOL LOL

Good thing they had bags you could purchase at the gift shop!! LOL LOL

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Unknown said...

These are my new favorite candy, even beating out my old faithful Dove.