Tuesday, September 9

Macy's Rocks!!!

Well I have been so excited to post this since Saturday!!! We had my sister-in-laws wedding this past Sunday so we were a bit busy. But now that I have recuperated (LOL) here are the deals I found on Saturday at Macy's Amazing One Day Sale!!! I had with me (3) $10/25 coupons...one from our local newspaper, one Macy's mailed to me, and one I printed online.

Even though my kiddies are out of the Baby department :-( I still had to check to see if I could find any deals. I have a few friends that are due with baby boys real soon!! All Baby Clearance was an additional 50% off the already reduced prices!! I paid just $1.99 for each piece I bought!! I got all this below for just under $12!!! An Awesome Deal!!!

Then I hit up the boys department for Little Man.....I got him a Kenneth Cole shorts/shirt set for $4.01, a Nike shirt for $1.99, and 2 pair of shorts for just $1.99 each!!

I did not get anything for Little Miss as she has so much stuff for next summer from the Old Navy, The Children's Place, and Kohl's clearance sales I racked up at in August....I thought she is all set!! I also got a few gifts for a few people...but cannot share just in case they are reading....LOL LOL

This is just one of the many reasons I love Macy's!!! Their clearance deals are just awesome!!!! Did you get a chance to go on Saturday? Find any amazing deals???

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Anonymous said...

We don't have a Macy's anymore...they closed several months ago...cute clothes though! We went to a local Salvation Army today looking for a used desk and ended up getting some more clothes for the boys B1G1 free, so they were only $0.50 each. I might post about it later after the kids are in bed and I am done studying.

Brooke (Youngish Mom of Four Boys)