Saturday, September 20

Have You Joined The Party Club??

'Tis the season for Halloween costume shopping!!! Little Man has narrowed his costume choice down to 2.....The White Power Ranger and the Optimus Prime Transformer. So now the hunt is on to find one of the two costumes in his size!!! Unlike last year...this year I decided to shop early in hopes that I would be able to just go in, get what I need, and then I'm finished!! So, I ran yesterday to Party City in search of Little Man's Halloween costume.

They have a HUGE, Mega, whole entire wall of costumes to choose from!! Wow!! Not like when I was a can practically be anything you wish now a days!! Unfortunately, they do not carry the White Ranger, and the Optimus Prime Transformer they did not have in the correct size. Not a biggie...I have plenty of time!!

I did end up picking up some Wall-E masks for Little Man's robot party in a few weeks....1/2 off too!! As I was paying for those the cashier handed me a paper along with my receipt....on the back of the paper was an ad for Party City Party Club. Sign up online and receive $5 off of a $25 purchase!!! Yippee!! It was like it was meant to be for them to not have the correct sized Transformer costume....LOL LOL

So I will call them on Monday, the manager have me the item # and his name....and see if they have it. And then when I go back to get will be $5 less than today!!! I heart coupons!!

If you are a Party City shopper....and have yet to sign up for the party can sign up here (Look for Party Club icon at the top of the page!!)'s free!!

Happy Costume Shopping!!!

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Angie said...

I gave you an award! Have a great weekend. :)