Friday, September 19

Should I?? Would I??

Well last week we ran out of Mayonnaise...a major dilemma, let me just tell you...LOL LOL We are a Mayonnaise loving family!!! We use it daily.....on sandwiches, for potato salad, egg salad, egg/cheese sandwiches, burgers...and the list goes on and on.

I have been waiting, and waiting for a good sale on Hellman's Mayo....but it just has not been here in a really long time (Since the Walmart 2/$4 deal)!! My stash was depleted so while in Wegman's last week I was checking out the mayo prices......a container of Hellman's was $4.xx. Yikes!!! I thought to myself...well cough it up, lady...we really need it!! I picked up the container.....then put it down....then picked it up...then I saw that Wegman's brand was just $1.99 for the same size jar. Dare I consider trying a different brand????

We have been a Hellman's family for many years...could there really be a Mayo just as good? So the cheapie that I am I bought the Wegman's brand. Brought it home.....and made sandwiches for lunch that night. The next day I too made myself a sandwich....and guess what the mayo was gross!!!! Hubby (Who was unaware of the mayo brand switch) also made a comment that night at dinner how his sandwich at lunch tasted funny. Uh Oh....I dare not tell him what I did....LOL LOL

So during the next shopping trip I picked up my trusty old, beloved Hellman's Mayonnaise...and our sandwiches are back again to be Oh so delicious!!!

Are you brand loyal? In this day and age I am willing to just about try any brand for most things.....but there are a few items I am very, very brand loyal too. In these instances....even if I have to pay full price (which is very, very seldom) if we use it, and love it...then to me it is well worth the expense. Otherwise I waste my money on the cheaper item...only to dislike it and toss it in the trash to turn around and pay full price for original item I should of bought!!!

Have you ever tried a brand that you usually never use? What was the turnout? Or are you a stickler for certain brands for certain items??


Anonymous said...

We're brand loyal to an extent. Only buy Jif PB, Heinz Ketchup, certain types of bread (my kids will NOT eat Target bread, only WM bread LOL), and I only use Charmin Ultra TP for myself and DH. Kids go through so much and are so wasteful that I buy them Angel soft or Charmin basic. I've learned my lesson buying "off" brands.

lmkirb said...

LOL this is too funny!!
This was like just what happened at our house...and it was even with Hellmann's mayo!
The only kind my husband will use...also a mayo junkie family. We were running low, had no coupons, and the price was getting ridiculously expensive. So being the thrifty shopper that I like to be, I opted for the store brand in hopes that no one would complain. Was I ever wrong!!
So now, Hellmann's it will be, Hellmann's it will always be, never another brand will be allowed in our fridge!!

Take care and hoping your day is beautiful!!

Anonymous said...

PUFFs and Miracle Whip Lite.... No Subs on these!