Thursday, September 25

Show Love to The Basket!!!

Thrifty Jinxy

Have you ever been invited to a Baby Shower, Birthday Party, or perhaps have a new neighbor moved in next door and have no idea on what gift to get for them. Yes, buying from a gift registery is sometimes an option...but for others it just may not be. A few years back before Little Man was born I received an overflowing gift basket full of all kinds of baby boy related goodies and I loved receiving it!! Oh and going through it hours after the shower to see all the goodies that were in there was so much fun!! It was like the never ending basket.....LOL LOL

Making a gift basket is very simple...and can be very inexpensive as well!! First I always head to The Christmas Tree Shops and purchase a nice basket for a few dollars.....AC Moore is also a great place for reasonable baskets as well! Then I pick a theme according to the occasion. For instance the last baby shower I went to I purchased a baby bath off of the baby registry (with a coupon of course!!) and then filled it with all sorts of bath related items that I had found on Clearance over the few month leading up to the shower. (Bath towels, bath toys, washcloths, a bath robe, baby wash, baby lotion, etc...)

The trick to saving on making a basket is to shop early...meaning, be on the look out for clearance deals as soon as the mother or father-to-be lets you know that they are expecting!! This way you are not rushed....and have many months to score some great deals!!!

I remember one year for a friends birthday I purchased her a basket and filled it with lots of goodies from Bath & Body Works. Since her birthday was in February I stocked up on some great bargains in January at their Semi-annual sale!! I was able to make her a HUGE basket full of her favorite scents, of course..for a fraction of the price!! And boy was she ever happy to receive it!!

Not only can baskets be very reasonable to make...they can also be alot of fun to make too!! I know for the last basket I made most times when I went to a store with a baby department I was on the look out for baby boy items at bargain prices. Kind of like a treasure hunt for baby bargains....LOL LOL

I have also made a few smaller baskets over the years and then also inserted a gift card to a favorite store or restaurant the receiver enjoys! There are many,many options and choices when making a gift basket up....and the best part is that you can create it any way you wish to fit any budget!!


Storm, The Psychotic Housewife said...

This is an awesome idea! :)

Jackie B. said...

I also have been making my own gift baskets for several years now. One of my faves: fill a five gallon bucket full of car cleaning suplies and give to that "man who has everything" car cleaning kit. One year I ever bought a nice (expensive) buffer to add to it.
A good place for baby items is the Dollar Tree stores. You can get a dozen filler items for $1 each. They also have great baskets for a buck too.

Southerner said...

Don't wait until you know someone who is expecting- keep a gift box for these items. Sometimes you recieve a surprise invitation. I have 4 Carters robes that I have(2 boy and two girl) that I bought in Florida about 3 years ago. We lived near the Destin outlet mall and I got them for $3.00 and saw them in the stores for over $20. I bought 8 of them to store for gifts. I also now have about 20 Buddies soap and shampoos that I got free. My gift box is also filled with lego sets and Bionicles and craft kits for kids birthday parties.