Tuesday, September 30

A Lot Larger Than It Looked.....

Well in our back yard we have 2 huge, mega, colossal trees.....They provide great shade in the hot summer months...and we love the benefits of having them!! But....on the one tree was what appeared to be (from us on the ground looking up at the tree)....a smaller branch that needed to be cut off. Word of Advice from Hubby and I.......Tree limbs apprear smaller on the tree then when you are trying to saw them off !!! So what did we do this past Sunday while the kiddies napped?? Hubby and I cut down the branch!! (Well...hubby did most of the sawing, I must admit!) Here is a picture of it on the ground after we spent about an hour sawing it off with loapers. You see we had no intention of doing this on Sunday...and did not borrow his Pop's chain saw ahead of time.

After sawing, and cutting the branch off....when it hit the ground we thought the hard part was over...ha! ha! So we thought, anyway! Then we had to cut up the branches and pile them into 8 trash cans...and then put them at the curb for yard waste pick-up. Itwas a lot of work...but the results were well worth it!!! Here are a few pictures of the ground after most of it was cleaned up. You can still see 2 of the filled trash cans in the background!!

I have to say....you know those tree guys you call up for an estimate to get your trees trimmed.....I will be the first to tell you...they deserve whatever they charge!!! Tree work is a lot of hard work!! Now, if you'll excuse me...I'm off to nap!! LOL LOL

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Have a Great Tuesday!!


A Christian Mom said...

Great tackle!

Frugal Finds said...

Last time we had any tree work done, we only paid to have the tree topped so we could save money. We saved the larger stuff for fire wood and chipped the small stuff up and made mulch.

Susie said...

What a great tackle!! It's important for the health of the tree to prune regularally but they don't tell you that you have the stretch before hand. It is a workout:-)

The Proverbs Wife said...

We have a pine tree in our back yard that I am dying to have cut down. The roots are so mature that grass wont grow around the base of the tree.

My husband and I can attest to the fact that cutting trees is hard work and best left up to the professionals.

I hope that you'll stop by and visit my tackle.

happyathome said...

I am with ya on that one, super had work. We have to cut some trees in our yard and chop it for firewood, ACK! Not looking forward to that. you know the saying for cutting wood, warms you twice!
Stop by to see my Tackle it Tuesday for a garden overhaul!

Anonymous said...

Those trees can be tricky. Good tackle!

Momof3 said...

Great tackle. I was so happy to have our pine tree cut down. Hubby did it all himself and boy, was he tired that night!

Heart of Wisdom said...

Trees, Can't live with'em....literally can live without'em...lol

Great Tackle!!
Awesome--I think you did a wonderful job!!! Calls for take out pizza for dinner!!

Good Job MOM!

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