Thursday, September 4

Old Navy Coupons.....

Tonight we have my sister-in-laws rehearsal dinner tonight and Little Miss has nothing to wear. Well....I mean of course, she does have clothes in her closet...but not a cute little dress that is not stained and cool & comfy enough...LOL LOL It is 80 some degrees here today, a bit hot...very unlikely for September in our town!!

I am usually very on top of these things, but hubby and I were planning on leaving the kiddies with Grandma for the night instead of taking them with us. My sister-in-law stopped by yesterday and was a bit disappointed when I told her the kiddies were not coming with us to the dinner. I am not trying to upset the the kiddies are now attending!! LOL LOL In yesterday's mail I received my $10 bucks back certificate from Old I made a quick run into Old Navy today to see what I could find.

I ended up finding her a cute little dress, and a denim skirt and shirt on Clearance all for less than $12 after using my $10 certificate!!! We have a party next weekend so the skirt and shirt will be perfect for then!! After paying the cashier handed me my receipt along with 2 coupons!! The first coupon is for 40% off a single item for Men or Women (not valid on Clearance), valid from 9/5 to 9/18, and another coupon for 10% off my next purchase if I complete an online survey (Valid for 3 months from today)!!! Yippee!!!

Plus in today's mail I received a flier for the Old Navy Baby Sale (up to 40% off). The Baby Sale start tomorrow through 9/18. Plus on the back of the flier was a coupon for 50% off any single Women or Men's clothing item if you use your Old Navy Card (Use code BZKJV38QQ9JW for online purchase), or 40% off any single Men's or Women clothing items if you pay any other way!!!

Guess where I will be heading next week??? Keep your eyes peeled...Old Navy coupons are flying around!!!

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