Wednesday, September 24

Keep Them Where You Use Them.....

That is my philosophy for how I store cleaning products! I find that if I keep cleaning product all over the house (in an organized fashion, of course) then it is much less of a hassle for me to clean up after a spill, do a quick wipe down, or spray to clean the mirror quickly. There were too many times when I used to find myself reaching for the bottle of Windex after Little Miss decorated the glass with juice and I would have to run down 2 flights of stair for the bottle of Windex and a paper towel.

So then I decided lets try it a different way...lets keep a a bottle of everything I use, or may use (in the event of an accident)on each level of our home. So now I stock cleaning supplies in the bathroom closet, above the washing machine, and above the kitchen stove. This way I am ready on-the-spot for any spill, fingerprint, or item to be sanitized in a matter of a few seconds!!!

Here are some pictures of how I store the cleaning supplies throughout our home:

In the kitchen cabinet

Above the washer

Lots more WFMW over at Rocks In My Dryer!!


Meghan said...

Oh I do this!
That's how my mom did so I just followed suit.

Condo Blues said...

I do this too. When I'm running low on cleaner, I buy the big refill containers and use it to refill the spray bottles I have stashed throughout the house.

Anonymous said...

I do this too! It seems like a big expense when you first stock up, but the convenience pays for itself and the product last soooo much longer. Blessings, Whitney

Blue Castle said...

VERY good idea! I have stairs too, and it won't get done unless I have the supplies I need on every floor. :)

just another day in paradise said...

Ditto! I have stashes, too, and it's a great timesaver! Thanks for sharing!