Thursday, September 25

Who Tagged Me??

Well Miss Meghan over at Meghan's Mindless Muttering did!! I know, I know it was days ago...but better late than never, right!! So I have to enighten you with 7 random or weird things about here we go!!!

1. I have to have ketchup on a soft pretzel......don't ask....I have been doing it since I was a kid!!! It's delicious!!!

2. I ever have my fingernails painted...but my toes...always, even in the dead of winter!!!

3. My first job was working at a Farm Stand on the side of the road...Man...they were some "Hot" summers!!!

4. I never miss watching "The Hills" on now know where I am every Monday night at 9:30 pm!! LOL LOL

5. I love coffee...I have to have a cup when I wake up...and a cup before bed...Thanks to hubby for making me the best coffee ever...Love Ya Frank!!

6. I have to have ice in ALL my cold drinks.....What's Iced Tea without the ice????

7. I love wearing flip-flops...if I could I would wear them all year long!! I would have some pretty frozen feet in the 20 degree high temp. days we have here though....LOL LOL

Now I am supposed to tag 7 seven people....but guess's late, and I'm I tag You!!! That's right You!! Be sure to link up and leave a comment on this post so we can stop by your blog to learn a few random things about you!!

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Meghan said...

Absolutely Awesome!