Sunday, September 28

ShopRite Deals....

It's another Price Break Week at ShopRite Again....That can only mean good deals, right?? Here are a few of the good buys I came across....he's hoping next week's sale is a little better!!!

*Perdue is 50% off this week.....Turkey Burgers are $1.64 a lb. package, Breakfast or Italian Sausage is $1.49 lb., Drumsticks are .99 lb...and the list goes on!! Great time to fill up your freezer!!!

*Kraft Mac & Cheese 5-Pack...1/2 Price at $2.24!! Great for lunches!!!

*AA or AAA Ray O Vac Batteries.....(18 count package) $2.99 (Save $6.00!!)

* Softsoap Liquid Hand soap Refill (38.5 to 40oz.)....1/2 Price at $2.24!!!

*Sunshine Cheese-It's crackers....1/2 Price $1.74 box

***.88 Each Items....Limit 4 per variety***

-Betty Crocker Cake Mix
-ShopRite or Mueller's Pasta (12 oz. to 16 oz.)
-ShopRite Cream Cheese (8 oz.)
-ShopRite Steam in the Bag Veggies (12 oz. bag)
-Banquet Value Meals (6.75-12 oz.)
-Sunlight Dish Detergent (19 oz.)

See any other great deals I missed....please let me know!!

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