Tuesday, September 16

Perfect For That New Baby....

My Dear Friend is having a baby boy in a few weeks so I decided along with the gift I purchased at Babies R Usfor her baby shower,that I would also put together a diaper cake for a little more personal touch. So here is how Little Man (Such a big helper in this project!!) and I tackled making a diaper cake!!!

Here are the supplies we used:

-1 Mega pack of Playskool diapers (We used 52 size 3 dipaers...as she had already mentioned she has lots of 1's and 2's stockpiled!)

-1- roll of ribbon, about 1/2 inch - 3/4 inch thick is good size (solid color, green in our case)

-A Baby Bottle

-Paper Towel Tube

-A bag of mini rubber bands (The same ones I use in Little Miss's hair)

-Glue Gun

-3 Large Rubber Bands

-A Cake Dish, Plate, or Piece of cardboard cut in a circular shape (same size as the bottom layer)

Here is one of the diapers laid out. You just simply roll the diaper up from the top (where the tabs are) to the bottom of the diaper. Make the roll tight!! Then just slip a small rubber band around the diapers in the center.

Here it is all rolled and rubber banded up!! Continue doing this step to every diaper until all diapers are rolled and banded.

Next grab 6 diapers hold together with your hands. Slip a Large rubber band around the six diapers then place a few more diapers in. Our middle layer (pictured below) had about 15, just to give you an idea!! Each layer having a few more diapers than the last. You will need to repeat this step two more time to make a total of three layers.

Here are all three layers finished.

Then all you do is take your top layer and replace the middle diaper with the baby bottle. Then place the top layer onto the middle layer and squeeze the bottle through the center of the second layer well.

Then take the paper towel tube and insert in through the bottom opening of the bottle then slide the other end of the paper towel holder through the third layer of the cake. (I used a Playtex disposable so I could do this). The bottle and paper towel tube serve as the center piece to hold the cake all together!!

Here are layer 1 and 2 !

After getting all three layers on top of one another and fastened then you take a piece of ribbon and wrap it around each indididual layer. Cut ribbon to size then hot glue the two ends together. Remember to place the ribbon over the large rubber band on each layer to hide it!!! Repeat this step for the other two layers as well!! Below is the cake with ribbon around it!!

Next grab your piece of cardboard, plate, or cake dish, and place on the bottom of the cake, this will serve as the support for the cake!

Then wrap the cake in clear cellophane (I found 2 clear cellophane bags at the dollar store) and add a bow!!

So pretty and practical for that new-mom-to-be!!

Lots more tackles over at 5 Minutes For Mom!!


Anonymous said...

OOH! I LOVE diaper cakes!! I so want a good friend to have a baby, so I can make one!!! :)

I made elderberry jelly, my first jelly-making experience! Come check it out, and enter my cute Etsy giveaway, further down my front page.

Susie said...

I LOVE the diaper cake!! I got one for my shower and it is such a nice touch. Great tackle!!!

Anonymous said...

Very cute tackle!

HDMac said...

Great job!!!! I love those diaper cakes..