Thursday, September 18

All About A Compliment.........

Yesterday I had to venture on over to the dreaded DMV (Division of Motor Vehicles) to get my drivers licence renewed. I was totally dreading the trip. The last time I was there about 4 years took over 2 hours to get my licence renewed !!! At the time they were just starting to change everybody's licences over to digital. I decided to go while Little Man was off at to not bore him with all the fun to be had there...LOL LOL So Little Miss and I dropped him off to school and headed right to the DMV yesterday morning.

I walked in, approached the information desk and they asked for all my paperwork, current license, forms I had filled out, etc. Then I was told to head over to booth #1. I handed over all my paperwork, she asked a few questions and now it was time to update my old picture. She looked at my expired license picture from 4 years ago and said "I need to check your fingerprints"??? I asked "Fingerprints....I did not bring a copy with me"...then I thought about if I even had a set of ingerprints done since kindergarden?? she started laughing. I was a bit confused??? Then she replied....."You look amazingly different!!! I cannot believe that was actually you in this picture 4 years ago!!! "

Let me just tell you.....I now "Love" going to the DMV!!!! That nice lady made my day, my week, maybe even my year!!!! LOL LOL Trust me when I tell you I walked out of there smiling from ear to ear!!! Oh how nice compliments really can make someones day!!!

It's great to know that all my exercising and portion control really is paying off!!!

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