Monday, September 15

From She Speaks......

Look what arrived in the mail on Saturday from She Speaks..... A mashed potato masher, a coupon for a FREE bag of Ore-Ida Steam and Mash potatoes, and ten $1.00 off coupons as well. This week while shopping I will use the Free coupon to purchase the bag of Steam and Mash and make them for dinner one night to try them out.

The brouchure says that this is the new, fast, easy way to have homemade mashed potatoes for your family in under 15 minutes. There is no need for peeling, chopping, or boiling.....just microwave for 10 minutes. How is this possible you ask? The potatoes are peeled, washed, cut, then flash frozen for freshness.

I am excited to try them out....I'll be sure to post the verdict!! Intserested in trying products for Free in your home, be sure to read my post here to find out more!

1 comment:

Meghan said...

Ya know, somehow I ended up with 2 free coupons.
Weird but thankful. :>)