Thursday, September 25

Yoplait Kids Yogurt.....

My kiddies are addicted to yogurt...seriously, I am not kidding. Between hubby, myself and the 2 kiddies we eat at least 20-25 yogurts a week!! Since it is a healthy snack.....I really do not mind buying so much of it...especially for the kiddies. So when I tell you I am always on the lookout for a good yogurt sale...know you know why!!

Back in the 9-07 coupon inserts there was a coupon for .50/1 Yoplait Kids Yogurt or Drinks. So I have been on the lookout for a sale so I could stock up!! Little Miss loves the Dora yogurt...and I like it for her it is "Spoon Hugging"...meaning it sticks to the spoon as she feeds herself. Less ends up on her face...and more in her mouth....LOL LOL

So while at Target the other day while browsing the food section I noticed the Yoplait kids yogurt was just $2.24 for a 6-pack. Minus the .50 off coupon, I paid just $1.74 for 6 yogurts!! Walmart also has these same yogurts for $2.29 a 6-pack as well. My local ShopRite has these 6-packs of Yoplait for $3.99!!! Wow!! Talk about a rip-off!!! LOL LOL

So if you too have yogurt lovers in the sure to get your coupons in hand and head to Target or Walmart to stock up!!

P.S.- If your local stores accept Internet printed coupons....then be sure to print this $1.50/1 Yoplait Kids Yogurt or Drink coupon and pay just .74-.79 cents for one pack!!! An even better deal!!!

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Mommy Managing said...

My local Brookshire's has been tripling coupons, so I've been using those 50 cent coupons to get the four pack of smoothies ($1.19) for FREE or the 6 pack of yogurt ($2.99) for $1.49! Woo-hoo! My kids love them!