Monday, September 15

Mail Call......

WOW!!! Look what I received in my mailbox today!!! Yippee!! I love freebies in the mail...especially a mailbox full of them...LOL LOL !!!

Here is what I got today.......

-Magic Eraser sample from Walmart...came with a .50 off coupon as well!!

-Cascade Complete 2 count sample from Walmart...came with a $1.50 coupon too!!

-Roll of Scott Toilet Paper plus a .75 off coupon from Walmart!!

-Tampax sample with a $1.00 & $1.50 off coupons!

-Coupon for a FREE box of GM Cheerios (up to $4.99).

Have you received any great freebies lately??


nicki72182 said...

I'm just curious about the Cheerios coupon...was this part of their challenge? I can't get their coupons to print and was curious how you got this in the mail. Thanks!!

Miss Mommy said...

Hi Nicki...

Yes it was from the Chherios Challange. Each week I was getting $1.00/1 box of Cheerios in my email...then at the end of the challange they sent me this coupon for a free box.


Note: Most stores around me do not take internet printed most times I do not even print them. So not sure if the ones from my inbox could of been printed of not....sorry.