Saturday, December 1

Today was a Family Day....We had a birthdays party to go to of my sons little friends.....They had a great time....playing with all the toys new to them at her is amazing all the fun they have with new toys and new children to play with....He was funny...they had a pinata there and when all the strings were pulled and NO candy came son placed his basket under the hole they made so the candy would all fall out......It made me realize just how old he is getting.....He was nice enough to share some of the candy with everyone though...not to worry!! We also rented Ratatouille tonight and had movie night...It was a funny son LOVES movie night with the fam....he gets sooo excited!!!!

Deals today....

Bath and Body Works $10 off a $30 purchase in-store coupon.....Valid until tomorrow 12-2-07

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