Friday, August 22

She Speaks....

Do you like to be one of the first to know when a company you know and trust is about to introduce a new product? Would it interest you to get to try that new product out yourself and then let you opinions be heard? How about all this for free?

Let me introduce you to She Speaks! I have been a member now for several months and have loved the experience! I have been offered to test several products at home...and it has been both fun and easy!

All you have to do to get started is fill out a questionnaire about yourself, your likes, dislikes, things you enjoy, etc. She Speaks will review your questionnaire and then offer you a chance to test products that they think you may want to try out. She Speaks is all about trying out something new in a real day-to-day environment (From the comfort of your own home!).

All they ask is that after you try the product you just give them a little feedback as to what you liked about the product you tried out, did not care for, or what should be improved in your opinion.

Sound like something you may be interested in? Check it all out here!! Already a She Speaks member? Have you enjoyed testing new products so far?


Angie said...


Meghan said...

I finally got my first thing from She Speaks.
I am testing Ore Ida Mashed Potatoes.
I was really excited to get the offer.

Do you do BzzAgent?

Miss Mommy said...

Congrats on the Ore Ida Potatoes Meg!! Yes, I am a Bzz agent as well....have done a few things for them as well!! They are anothner good one to try!!