Tuesday, September 23

McDonald's Treat Books.......

I can remember the excitement as a kid...every year my grandparents would buy us a few of the McDonald's Treat Books around Halloween time. You know what that meant....trips to McDonald's after school for a sundae, ice cream cone, box of cookies, apple pie, small fry....whatever I happened to be in the mood for on that particular day after school.

Well....that was many years ago...hence the box of cookie option...LOL LOL The selection of treats in the books may have changed over the years but the books are still around...and still just $1.00 a book!! What a deal!!

The coupons can be used from 10-31-08 to 12-31-08. I know last year our local McDonald's ran out in the 2nd week of October...so if you think you may want to buy a book or two...better go early!!

Not only are they great for your kiddies....but they are also nice to hand out to neighborhood kids, or at as part of the Halloween party treat bags at preschool...etc.


Unknown said...

I remember these too. i didn't know they were still around. Might have to pick some up.

Meghan said...

Oh I never think to get these!
This would be a good idea for the kids...altho my 14 yr old is a bit old but the 9 yr old would love it!