Wednesday, September 3

Scrambled Eggs...Teach Me, Please!!!

Do you ever go out to a restaurant and get a meal and it was so delicious, you just wish you could make it that good at home?? It has happened to me many times . Especially in the Eggs department. Sometimes we go out for a nice yummy breakfast on a Saturday or Sunday morning (If we can get up and out early enough, that is!) and the eggs are just so delicious!! So light, fluffy, just perfect in every way.....especially taste!! I have to stop........I am getting hungry...LOL LOL

So time after time hubby and/or I have tried to replicate those same yummy, fluffy scrambled eggs at home to no avail. The only resemblance we can see is the yellow color...LOL We tried buying new pans, different egg brands, adding a splash of milk before mixing....just not having any luck!!

So we are asking for your help on the scrambled egg topic. Do you make the prefect scrambled eggs? Can you help we can enjoy yummy eggs in our home too? Please let us know how you do it!! What are we missing? I promise, our tummys will Thank You!!

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Anonymous said...

I love the way my Mom prepares scrambled eggs and this is how she taught me:
Melt butter in your pan, on med low heat. Break your eggs and mix with carnation canned milk ( sorry I can't give you an exact amount, but it doesn't take a whole lot) and salt and pepper and mix with a fork. Once the butter is melted and bubbly, pour in the egg and milk mixture. Turn the heat down a little and slowly cook the eggs-This is the key to them being fluffy. Constantly and slowly stir them with a spatula. You'll be able to tell when they are at the consistency you want just by watching them change. Not too fast and not too hot, that is the key. Hope that helps!

The Stiletto Mom said...

If you scramble them with milk, add a little shredded cheese near the end. Not too close to the end though bc you want it to melt all the way. Another way is to use half the milk you normally would and then use heavy cream for the other part. Yummmmm.

Anonymous said...

The trick with scrambled eggs is to stop cooking them BEFORE they look done. If they look done when you take them off the burner, then they'll be rubbery and overcooked by the time you eat them because of carry-over heat. Stop cooking them when they look a little underdone, and they should finish cooking with the heat left over in the pan.

I also find that using butter to grease the pan instead of nonstick spray or margarine really improves the taste of the eggs. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Personally, I hate scrambled eggs. My housemates in college, however LOVED mine. I have no idea why, but this is what I do:

1. Crack eggs in a bowl, add a splash of milk
2. Beat with a whisk. Try to get lots of air into them.
3. Heat butter (you can subsitute oil, but I find it makes the eggs runnier) in a non-stick pan. It should be melted, but not terribly hot.
4. Add your eggs. Allow them to almost set, then stir. Repeat. They should cook slowly, and only be stirred occaisionally.

Good luck!

Jendeis said...

I agree with taking them off before they look done. Another thing I do is to let the eggs sit/set for a minute in the hot pan before I start scrambling. Move your spatula slowly across the pan, don't just whip it around like Speedy Gonzalez (as I tell my DH).

Tricia Hicks said...

The trick to great scrambled eggs is easy. Heat your pan, pour in the eggs and then turn off the heat. This may not work with gas heat but it does with electric.

Anonymous said...

For really creamy and yummy eggs...

Cut up about a tsp of cream cheese per egg. Make sure the cream cheese is in tiny chunks and add it to the egg mixture. I also add about a tbsp of milk per egg to the mixture. The eggs end up so creamy and yummy. I ALWAYS get compliments on my eggs when I fix them this way.

I agree about using butter to grease the pan, and use medium/low heat. Stir with a wooden spatula just until done.

Someone Being Me said...

I alway add a little milk and a generous amount of shredded cheddar cheese. Wisk together and then cook.

Elizabeth Glass-Turner said...

Here's what I find helpful:
though I was taught to add milk, to get fluffy eggs, don't add milk: add a splash of water! I've tried it and for me, it's made a noticeable difference.
then, take it off the heat a few moments before you think you need to.

Anonymous said...

My Dad makes the perfect scrambled eggs. His key is LOW and SLOW. Yes, he uses milk, salt, and pepper. But the key for the eggs is to start with a cool pan, put the whisked egg mixture in. Cook them on low heat, try to stir them only when they need to be moved - constant stirring or folding will make them tough.
When they are almost done, he'll sometimes add shredded cheese and/or small cooked bacon or sausage pieces.
They are the best scrambled eggs on the planet, IMHO. :)

Rachel said...

Reading the comments it's funny how different we all do this!

I start with a cold pan and spray with Pam or another cooking spray. I also use a fairly small pan so the eggs fill at least half way up the sides to make fluffier eggs.

Crack my eggs directly into the pan and stir quickly with spatula to break the yolks and get them all mixed up (why dirty another bowl). Add salt and pepper to taste.

Continually scrape the bottom once the entire bottom layer turns white with a spatula moving slowly until they are finished.

The eggs are finished when they still look moist (always have to remind my hubby of this).

You can add milk - but I don't find it makes them fluffier, I just think it helps stretch the eggs if you are making a lot of them.

rachel said...

I agree with Bitty: milk makes them tougher then water. It couldn't hurt to try it. I also add a pinch of baking powder sometimes. Low slow heat and taking them of the heat before they are fully cooked is right on!

Kelly said...

For the best flavor, add a shake of onion salt before cooking. Makes them taste amazing! I like a pinch of shredded cheddar in mine too. Always remove from heat before totally done.

Anonymous said...

Wow, you've gotten some gourmet responses!, here's my redneck addition, lol.

Did you know you could make scrambled eggs in the microwave? Oh yes you can. Crack 1 or 2 eggs into a coffee mug, beat with a fork and cook for 30 seconds. Fluff with a fork and add a dash of milk or pinch of cheese (ok, herbs if you wanna be fancy!) and heat for another 30 seconds.

Fluff them up with a fork and scoop them out onto your breakfast plate. Voila! One messy mug verses a mixing bowl, whisk, and frying pan. TA DA!

:o) Whitney

Niki Jolene said...

Wisk in some milk for fluffy eggs!


BusyMom said...

I always add a splash of water to make them fluffy. Make sure your pan is hot before you add your beaten eggs/water to it. It makes a difference. I also usually let the bottom visually set before I stir as well. I fold them all to the middle, letting the liquid on top fill out around the sides. Make sure you don't overcook, you don't want them runny, but you don't want them rubbery either.

Anonymous said...

These tips have already been mentioned, but they're worth repeating.

Do not get in a hurry when making scrambled eggs. Cook them slowly over low heat, stirring often. Remove them from the stove/pan before they are cooked completely. A little splash of milk plus salt and pepper make for GREAT scrambled eggs!

Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

The best way I found to make scrambled eggs is to get a Tupperware
Break the eggs in the container. Pour in some milk (I don't measure,
sorry) If I make 1 egg, I use enough milk to equal about half the total
liquid of the egg - if that makes any sense.
I also sprinkle in a little salt and pepper
Also some shredded cheese.

Put the lid on the container and shake (over a sink if there are any
possible leaks).

Miss Mommy said...

Thanks Everyone for all the Scrambled Egg help!! Hubby and I are excited about trying them out over the next few weekend!!

You guys are the best!!!