Wednesday, December 26

Best Deals!!!

Well.....Christmas was GREAT!! Hope yours was great as well!! Now it is time for the stores to clean house and offer us the consumers the Best Year-End deals!!! As if I have not shopped enough in the past 6 wekks...LOL..LOL!!! But I have to shop more...the deals are going to get even better!!! (My excuse for hubby, when he asks...Ha Ha!!)

Right now..... The Children's Place is having their Monster Sale, Old Navy is having a 50% off Sale, and Amazon their Year End Sale.

This is the best time to stock up on winter jammies for the family, winter coats for next season, winter gloves/hats, and clothes for the rest of this year and next!!! I just love to look at the price tag and pay about less than 1/2 that when it rings up on clearance at the register...It's like a rush...LOL...LOL!!!!!

Happy Shopping!!!

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