Thursday, December 27

Still Have That Sweater From Last Christmas????

Well, if is a great time to see if someone else may love that sweater Aunt Susy bought for you last Christmas. EBay is having 10 cent listing day TODAY ONLY!!! So what do you have to lose...list it and see if someone actually likes that gift you hate!!! LOL LOL!!! Even if you only get $10 for's better than in your closet making not a cent at all!! Or you can use the money to do a little shopping for sister said Target is having a a GREAT clearance sale on toys, Christmas items, and January they usually clearance bedding items, and baby keep a look out!! In January restaurants usually want you to spend those gift cards you received for Christmas so they have meal deals/ and specials...last year TGIF's and Applebee's had some great meal deals...hopefully they will do the same this year!!

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