Wednesday, December 19

My CVS Trip!!!

So I ran into CVS last night to pick-up some diapers that were on sale....and I walked in and headed down the side isle towards the back of the store to get the diapers...and when I headed down the isle a man stopped dead in his tracks...mumbled something and turned around the other way...I thought strange I got my two packs of diapers and headed back down the same isle toward the front of the store and the same guy is looking nervously all around and putting all these Oil of Olay boxes in his basket.....I know stocking up is my thing...BUT the Oil of Olay was not even on sale??? So I was thinking to myself why so many boxes for a man to get??? Must like a moisturized women, I was thinking??!! LOL LOL So I get in the checkout line....and there it is.....the strange man with that basket full of Oil of Olay and other Mics. items I am sure headed right out the door...CVS basket and all!!!! The buzzer at the door beeped...and he just ran OUT!!! I was SHOCKED!!! He was probably about 25 years old....I mean seriously he knows much better than that!!! The Manager ran out after him but he was gone...he said they have surveillance cameras all over the store, and hopefully they will get him. It was scary....never before have I seen anything like it!! Well, I hope he gets caught somehow!!


Meghan said...

I had something like that happened to me when I managed a Rite Aid.
The guy shoved a Symphony bar & some Oil of Olay down his pants.
He ran out but I ran after him & he came back.
He took the stuff out of his pants & left. Meanwhile I told him that if he did it again, I would bar him from the store.
Ah, a true 19 yr old's response.
Was this the CVS on Maple? I used to go there all the the time when I worked in Maple Shade.

Miss Mommy said...

People are daring.....aren't they??? And to think of the concequences they would face if they got caught stealing a candy bar and a bottle of Oil of Olay??? I guess that is the problem they do NOT think??!!

BTW- It was the CVS on Kings Highway, near the Library.