Friday, December 14

I Got the Best Gift Today!!!

Today was a GREAT DAY@!! I actually got hubby's Christmas Present today and for the first time in a while I think I got an awesome Gift!!! I hope he like it!! After all he deserves it!! He's the best!! Usually I just get him TONS of clothes...but this year he actually need something and he will never guess what I got him!!! Sorry, I cannot tell....even though he never reads this....if I were to say what I got him he would actually read this for the first time...just my luck...LOL...LOL I was supposed to get my hair done today....but my hairdresser is sick...was supposed to go on Tuesday night but she was OVER-booked, so we will shoot for Monday night....hopefully as I have roots the size of Florida right now!.....LOL!! I got a great deal on a New Bedding set on Overstock and it just arrived last tomorrow hubby is going to repaint our bedroom to match the new set!! SO excited!! Well about to watch "The Grinch" with the have to end now! Will write again soon!

Deal of the Day:
If you need to buy any gift card for presents...some restaurants are giving an extra Bonus gift card to the giver of the gift with a Gift card purchase....check it out!
* Friendlys- Free $5 Bonus Gift card with ANY Gift card purchase of $25 or more.
*Macaroni Grill- Free $5 Bonus Gift Card with ANY Gift card of $25 or more.
*Fridays- Free $5 Bonus Gift card with any Gift card purchase of $25 or a FREE $10 Bonus gift card with any Gift card purchase of $50 or more!

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