Saturday, December 15

Great Day!!!!

Today was nice relaxing day.....We hung out at home until about 2 pm, and then headed out to Old Navy.....Had to get my son his Christmas Eve and Christmas Day Dress shirts.....last minute, I know....BUT I was waiting for a GREAT DEAL and found it at Old Navy today!!! They were having some great sales today!! Hubby got a few shirts, 50% off, as did my son, and even me and my daughter as well!! Everyone actually got something...Rarely happens!! Then we headed to Bertucci's for dinner!!! YUMMY!!! It was delicious!! By the way they are having a Geat Gift card Deal too!! If you buy a $50 Gift card you (As the giver) receive a $10 bonus gift card for yourself to use on your next visit!! That make for a good deal!! We then headed to my sisters for Cake for my Brother-in-law. Some good old family time today!! It was a GREAT Day, but I am a little tired and need to head to bed!!

I'll write soon!!!

**Diaper Deals at CVS starts Tommorrow- 2 packs for $12.99
**Genaurdi's has Spiral Sliced Hams this week for ONLY $1.29 a pound!

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