Thursday, December 6

Out In the Snow We Went......

Well my snowman made out of cotton balls did not go over too well with my boy last night .....We got dressed in our snow gear and headed outside for a little winter snow FUN!!! And Man did he have a blast!! We were out there for about an hour and I had to beg him to come back inside....We attempted to make snowballs....not nearly enough snow......then we tried snow on the pavement, just on the grass and cars, and mulch areas.....then we tried making a snowman...did not work out my son decided we should get all the snow off of our front yard grass with shovels......Well he had a blast doing it....No, we did not get all the snow off...we made tracks and cleared away some of it....He was so proud of our job well done (our hard work as he calls it). He asked to go back outside this morning as soon as he woke up....but most of snow already started to melt away....hopefully there will be another snowfall real soon with LOT of snow...this way we can make a BIG snowman, and throw snowballs, and even maybe ride on the sleds!!!

Today's Deals:

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Happy Savings!!

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SkyLaur said...

Hey, why don't you post some photos of your kids on here? I'd love to see them. -Lauren