Monday, December 3

Today was doctor day...both of the kiddies had there check-ups today....both are growing OH so FAST and healthy!! Yippee!! I was expecting a LONG wait...but to my surprise..we walked in and out in about an hour! That was great!! Still on the search for that perfect gift for my one year old nephew...I had some ideas..but just cannot pin point the right gift.....hopefully it comes to me soon...I know he would absolutely love a ladder to climb, or some candy to eat...BUT I know my sis would not appreciate those gifts!!! Good thing I like her...or she would be in for a Christmas to remember...LOL...LOL....I thought I had my son all done for Christmas until my Dad informed me today that they got him the same BIG present as I did...GREAT!! He said well guess you have a return to make Tan....Gotta love Dad!! My son tonight made his Santa House as he calls it...actually a Gingerbread house....he was OH so excited to finally make it.....he has been asking since we bought it on Saturday! It looks so cute...He decorated it so well...took him about 1 1/2 hours....You can tell he is getting older when you look back at the one he made last year..This year there are actually windows, doors, all the candy is neat and in it's place, etc......Now we can display it on our counter for all to see come Christmas!! He just loves to show off his work..LOL

Some Deals for Today....

Amazon is having a toys sale up to 60% off certain brands....they have this Hasbro Playskool Let's Play Together Peek 'N Play Discovery Dome for $29.99 (save $20)..Plus it is eligible for FREE Super Saver Shipping. My nephew has this and my daughter and him absolutely LOVE IT!!! Keeps them very busy!! They also have this My Little Pony Ice Cream Dream Supreme With Rainbow Swirl for $11.99 (Save $8.00) it is also eligible for FREE Super Saver Shipping on orders over $25.
Happy Savings!!

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