Friday, December 21

It's Almost HERE!!!!

Well we are down to the wire!!! Only a couple days away...and I have so much still left to do...AHHH!!!! I did most of my grocery shopping today...That was MADNESS....if you have to go..I advise get up at the crack of dawn and go...or go VERY, VERY Late!!!! I will send hubby(LOL!!) to go on Christmas Eve for a few last minute...need to be fresh items!! The grocery store will not be seeing me for a week!! I am steering clear. I'll let him have some fun there...He He He!! I'm all wrapped, and all shopped out, now I just have to visit, hand out presents, and enjoy family and friends company the next few days. Should be great!! I will try to post again real soon....but as you and I both have ALOT to do the next couple of days I would like to wish you all a Very Merry Christmas!!! Have a great time bonding with the fam!! OH!! And enjoy a drink too!! You deserve it!! LOL!!

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