Monday, December 17

No More Roots!!

Well today I got to go and FINALLY get my hair done at the hair salon......WOW!! I have to say a big difference.....all the roots are gone...YEAH!!! Could not be more excited!! Tomorrow I have to do a bit more and sis are heading out to Macy's to try and find ourselves outfits for Christmas Day and Eve...should be fun with all the kiddies in tow...LOL!! They are having their last ONE DAY sale before Christmas...tomorrow is preview day. Hopefully we can find something or else we will be wearing our P.J's to dinner...LOL!! Well my shopping is all done, and now I am starting to get so excited about the Big Day!! I know my son is going to be so excited!!! I just can't wait to see his face when he opens up all the gifts from Santa!! The best part of the holiday....In my opinion. Well off to bond with hubby for a bit...Good Night!!

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